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Ex-Bodyguard Insinuates Diddy Had A Hotel Hook Up With Ja Rule

Ex-Bodyguard Insinuates Diddy Had A Hotel Hook Up With Ja Rule

Gene Deal, a man who was once a part of P. Diddy's security detail for years, has insinuated that Sean "P. Diddy" had a gay sexual encounter with fellow rapper Ja Rule in a recent interview.

Gene detailed Diddy's alleged encounter with Ja Rule in a new interview. He said it all started with him accompanying the Grammy Award-winning artist into an exotic book store in Atlanta in the early 2000s.

While in the store, Diddy allegedly purchased a bag full of sex toys. Gene claimed he was stunned when Diddy said he bought a few butt plugs.

According to Mr. Deal, they later left Atlanta for North California for a show. Once they arrived at the hotel, Diddy told Gene he wanted to visit Ja Rule in his private suite. Gene said he tried to dissuade Diddy from pulling up to Ja Rule's suite unannounced, but Diddy was persistent,

Gene recalls Diddy made his way into Ja Rule's room and the two men appeared to be alone for hours. When the bodyguard asked Ja Rule what he and Diddy were doing inside the suite, the "Ain't It Funny" hitmaker allegedly told Gene, "You don't wanna go inside [the room] there's a lot of freaky stuff going on inside there."

"You gotta use your mind what they did with the butt plugs," Gene added with a laugh.

While it has been long rumored that Diddy has closeted his bisexuality, is not in the business of weaponizing anyone's sexuality. However, it was essential to share Gene's alleged account as it is a glaring example of why Black men don't feel safe living in their truth because their lives become entertainment and fodder for those in their community.


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