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Wendy Wiliams Estranged From Son Following Her Rehab Stint

After being released from rehab, Wendy Williams was seen in photographs looking healthy and smiling as she promoted her upcoming podcast series. However, she's been keeping her distance from her son. Reports claim the former "The Wendy Williams Show" host hasn't spoken to Kevin Hunter Jr. since she left rehab last month.

The Sun reported on Tuesday, November 15 that Kevin has not heard from his mom since she left a treatment facility in Malibu last month. "Wendy has not reached out to her son since she left the rehab," a source close to the family spilled to the outlet. "While in treatment, they were talking, but the minute she got out, the communication stopped."

Wendy Williams is back in her purple chair after rehab to promote The Wendy Experience,

"Kevin has been through hell this year with everything going on with his mom," the so-called insider continued. "It breaks his heart that things seemed to be going well while she was in rehab, but as soon as she got her freedom, she hasn't reached out to him since."

The source further claimed that 22-year-old Kevin is trying to deal with his fractured relationship with the former talk show queen. "Kevin has been trying to stay focused and finish up his last year of school, but it's been challenging having to deal with everything going on with his mother," they said.

Kevin Jr. has been by his mother's side throughout her health troubles. The issues started to surface in 2021 when Wendy missed out on her talk show season premiere, and she was then hospitalized for a psychiatric evaluation and skipped out on the rest of her season.


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