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UNIIQU3 Is Moving Asses and Taking Her Claim To Fame

The producer, DJ, dancer, and party-thrower UNIIQU3 has cultivated a career based on a genre of music known as Jersey club. Jersey Club was born in Newark, shaped by the Baltimore club scene and Chicago house. The unmistakable uptempo beats, emphatic vocal chops, and uncanny ability compulsion to remix pop culture soundbites get hips moving and asses shaking all over the world.

Born Cherise Gary, UNIIQU3 discovered Jersey club as a teenage ballerina venturing downtown for classes at Newark Symphony Hall. She often ran early and would explore the area to pass the time. "I would hear club music," she recalls. "So, I'm like, 'What is this music?'" As it turns out, DJ Tameil, the founding father of Jersey club, was selling his CDs at a nearby booth. Gary would bring them back to the hall to show her classmates; lessons often ended this way. "Everybody would hop in a circle and dance," says Gary, breaking into a dance herself. "I brought them this CD. They were like, 'Oh, you've got a club CD?' We put it on, and that's when they started doing all of these lit dances."

Male DJs dominated the local club scene. Gary teamed up with her fellow students to organize parties at YMCAs and in backyards before making a name for herself as a musician.

Now, UNIIQU3 is Jersey club's queen, juggling a busy release schedule, radio shows on SiriusXM and NTS, and international tours.

UNIIQ3 taught herself how to make music in her spare time. Honing her craft paid off. She has produced some of the genre's most distinguishable tracks, including "Yo (I'm Lit)," "Phase 3," and "Trunk." UNIIQ3 was invited to soundtrack the Chromat runway show in 2017 and then commissioned to produce a piece of music for the WNBA the following year, recognition that has helped push Jersey club beyond the local scene it was born from

Gary gives back through her region-unifying club night PBNJ. Not referring to the sandwich but regions influential in the sound of Jersey Club. Philly, Baltimore, New Jersey. UNIIQ3 is constantly evolving the style through her music. Typically, Jersey club comes as standalone SoundCloud cuts, remixes, or mixtape packs rather than original compositions.

UNIIQU3's latest single, "IMA BE THAT," featuring APX, combines house music and Jersey club elements to create an infectious pulsating dance cut that will have the children sweating on the dance floor.

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