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An Unfiltered Review of Monet X Change's Grey Rainbow Vol. 1

After their live comedy album, Fist Of Glory, Monét X Change released a new music project, Grey Rainbow, Vol. 1. The title of the EP is misleading, as it's a few chapters short of being considered a volume. However, even in its brevity, Grey Rainbow, Vol. 1 is a distinct exploration of Monét's evolution as an artist and a producer, as Monét has producer credits on seven of the eight tracks on the EP. The premier single, Body,

melodically nods to Khalid's 'Location.' Lyrically, ' Body' finds Monét pining for real love and not trying to "catch another body." The song is well-produced, and you can hear the melancholy in Monét's voice. The follow-up single release, 'Rotation.' leans into the Ampiano music craze and features Nicki Minaj's protege,' London Hill drops a few bars on the track. Other stand-out cuts are 'Streetlight' and 'U on U.' 'Grey Rainbow, Vol. 1' is a compelling project establishing Monét X Change as a noteworthy artist in the music scene and probably one of the only Rupaul Alum who can craft a career as a recording artist. Grey Rainbow, Vol. 1 shows that the kids are okay and R&B is in good hands.


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