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Trans Woman Allegedly Tricked Ray J and Trey Songz Into Sex

Ray J and Trey Songz have reportedly hooked up with a transgender woman without them being aware of who they were dealing with. A trans woman named Shaela Slays has exposed both male singers for allegedly sleeping with her but admitted that they didn't know about her transition.

"It happened, sure it did. Multiple times," Shaela said in an Instagram Live conversation. Noting that the "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" star and the "Bottoms Up" hitmaker were in the dark about her gender identity, she added, "They didn't know anything about it."

Shaela soon caught some flak from social media users, who think she's wrong for not being honest with Ray J and Trey before their purported sexual encounters. "She's wrong for this !!!" one person commented on her story.

Another agreed saying, "Yessss, she's wrong omg, why play them games like that." A third echoed the sentiment, writing, "If this happened, this is completely wrong!!!" One other person slammed her, remarking, "He outta pocket for this omg."

Some others didn't immediately believe Shaela's claim and accused her of exposing both stars for clout. "This ain't the flex people think it is. Outing people for clout. It's weird," one person noted. "The craziest part is, sometimes it don't even be true. Look what happened to Chingy smh No cool."

Another weighed in, "Why is this a thing? Why is sharing who you're intimate with anybody's business? Then get mad when social media drag them." Someone else said, " I can't ever get with outing people for clout. It's not cool, and it leads to violence… but I'll leave it alone."

Neither Ray J nor Trey has responded to the woman's claims.


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