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Tik Tok Post B*tch Gets Kamala Harris' Niece Blasted

Kamala Harris' niece Meena Harris has been one of her biggest supporters. However, her recent TikTok video featuring the newly-appointed Vice President of the United States didn't really sit well with some Internet users, mostly because of the profanity that was featured in the clip.

While Meena, who is acting as senior adviser in the Joe Biden/Harris campaign and as Harris' presidential campaign in communications and fundraising, appeared to gush over her aunt with the post, some people weren't impressed by the song choice. "She's a hot mess on twitter. I'm tired of her already. This is gonna be a long 4 years," one person said of the 36-year-old lawyer.

One other blasted Meena, saying, "This is embarrassing and not Presidential. Kamala is doing a serious job now and her niece is exploiting her access by doing the most. So juvenile with music choice as well. This is a grown woman. A VP!!! Calling the first female VP a bish... smh."

Another person echoed the sentiment, writing, "An almost 40 year old lady lol she needs to grow up it is embarrassing." Meanwhile, one user believed that at some point, Meena's action might badly affect Kamala. "I said this near-white lady was annoying . Kamala needs to be careful with her image and shorty is doing a lot," the person warned.

Prior to this, Meena opened up about racist and sexist remarks that the VP had faced along the way. "Kamala was being critiqued as 'too ambitious' by an old white guy and I just felt, are you kidding me?" she told The Times. "Are we still doing this? Are my kids going to have to deal with this same s**t?"

The mother of two continued, "People said, 'You're too young. You're too much of a woman. Frankly, you're too black. That's never been done before." She added, "Growing up, I was taught that ambition is something to celebrate, that it means purpose and determination."

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