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Tik Tok Influencer Ava Louise says Kanye West Jeffree Star story was Hoax

Louise posted a TikTok on Wednesday showing a Page Six article reported that a divorce between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's was imminent. In the video, she brought to light gossip that she said she had been holding onto "for months," saying that West had been "hooking up with a very famous beauty guru, male beauty guru." By liking comments asking if the guru was Jeffree Star, she insinuated that the two — both of whom have spent considerable time recently living in Wyoming — had partaken in an affair.

The rumor, while shocking, was baseless, although Jeffree Star gave it more life by referencing it in social media posts.

In an Instagram post, Star shared a photo of himself with long rainbow-colored locks and a pink robe.

Now, though, Louise claims that she fully created the rumor, saying in a voice memo that she reposted on TikTok that she "made [the] entire scandal up."

"There is literally not one bit of truth to anything I have said," she said in the voice message. "I just tricked the entire world into talking about me again because I was on a lot of Adderall and bored.

"And that's on being an icon," she said after Page Six article thatra on herself. "We all had fun though, didn't we? You're welcome for the memes."

Ava has since shared that "Kim K is suing her"over the allegations, although no official proof of this claim has come to light.

Meanwhile, Wendy Williams fanned more gay rumors on her show last week. During a long diatribe on the Kardashian/West divorce, Williams made an obviously well placed fake guffaw in reference to Kanye West. "It shouldn't be like 'we caught him kissing on a yacht' it should be like 'oh no, that's his new boyfriend or his boo for the night' or whatever." having a male "boo thang". She says

After seeing her audience's reactions, Wendy was quick to pull back from her bold accusation, saying: "What, NO, I mean, he knows guys! I didn't mean kissing guys, I meant kissing women". she bumbled out.


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