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What Really Happened to Monica at her Houston Concert?

Despite sparking concerns over her health following her concert over the weekend, Monica remains mum about the state of her health. The singer has not publicly addressed her health scare after she appeared to pass out during her Houston concert after appearing to pass out during her performance. She has since been hospitalized and is said to be recovering. Her team declined to comment on her condition.

As she performed in The Bayou City, Texas, on Saturday night, December 30, the 43-year-old star seemed to pass out at the side of the stage in the middle of her performance. A video circulating online, which TMZ obtained, saw a woman with bleach-blonde hair being carried away by a crew member.

Some people on X, formerly Twitter, claimed they saw Monica being taken away in an ambulance. "They're saying Monica left in an ambulance after passing out by the stairs," an X user tweeted along with a fan-taken video from the show. "They say she came out late, 10:35, and people were walking out by 11:05. Concertgoers say something seemed off."

Others have taken to Monica's latest Instagram post to express their concerns and prayers. "Sending you love, gorgeous! Not sure what happened in Houston, but you were on my mind this morning. You are 1 of 1! A rarity in this industry! Many blessings to you and your family!" one person wrote in the comments section.

Another concertgoer said, "Seen you in concert, and I pray you're okay." A third similarly said, "I hope you okay love you !! I knew something was wrong, but you still killed it last night."

A fourth person asked, "Hey Monica, are you okay? Was at the concert last night." Curious about the singer's condition, another inquired, "Please let us know that you're okay." Someone else added, "Hey, lady, we are worried about you."

Monica has not publicly addressed her condition despite the well wishes from her fans. She has been open about her health issues, which include mitral valve prolapse, a heart condition she was diagnosed with at 18, which impedes the flap between the upper and lower chambers of her heart from closing correctly.

The "Angel of Mine" songstress has also suffered from and been hospitalized for high blood pressure in the past and has had multiple surgeries for endometriosis. Clearly, her health has been an enduring challenge during her successful career.

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