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Second Sibling Morgan Carey Sues Mariah Carey Over Memoir

Mariah Carey wasn’t embellishing when she revealed that her relationship with her siblings was strained.

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Because just weeks after her sister Alison Carey filed a lawsuit against her, their brother Morgan Carey has followed with a suit of his own.

According to TMZ, Morgan has taken issue with his depiction as being violent in Mimi’s New York Times bestselling memoir ‘The Meaning of Mariah Carey.’

He is claiming his famous sister has damaged his reputation.

His suit cites an excerpt from the book, which read:

“It took twelve cops to pull my brother and father apart. The big bodies of men, all entangled like a swirling hurricane, crashed loudly into the living room. I was a little girl with very few memories of a big brother who protected me. More often, I felt I had to protect myself from him, and sometimes I would find myself protecting my mother from him too.”

Elsewhere, Morgan allegedly attacking their mother, Patricia:

“Suddenly there was a loud, sharp noise, like an actual gunshot. My brother had pushed my mother with such force that her body slammed into the wall, making a loud cracking sound.”

Morgan says the fight with their father never occurred and that his sister was only a child. He also paints his relationship with their Mom as positive, something he claims others can attest.

The 61-year-old is suing the ‘We Belong Together’ belter for defamation and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

There is no definitive word on the specific damages sought. However, Mariah’s sister, Alison, is suing for $1.25 million.


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