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Samaria Rice Bashes Tamika Mallory Presence On Grammys

, the mother of Tamir Rice, has criticized Tamika Mallory appearing in Lil Baby’s Grammys performance of “The Bigger Picture”.

The performance opened with a depiction of police brutality. Mallory appears later in the performance as part of a rally

In a Facebook post Samaria shared a clip of the Mallory portion of the Grammys performance. Miss Rice followed with a strong disapproval.

“Look at this clout chaser,” she said. “Did she lose something in this fight i don’t think so. That’s the problem they take us for a joke that’s why we never have justice cause of shit like this.”

In an earlier statement Lil Baby outlined the intent of his performance. “My performance is important to me and I had to make sure it was right,” he said. “Nominations aside, actually performing ‘The Bigger Picture’ means the most to me. I paint pictures with my songs and wanted the performance to bring that picture to life. Just like with the song, this performance had to reflect the real. No sugar-coating. My family, my fans and my city know who I do this for.” In 2014, 12 year old Tamir Rice was killed by Timothy Loehmann, a white Cleveland police officer. The Justice Department didn't bring federal criminal charges against Loehmann and his then partner Frank Garmback due to“insufficient evidence” supporting federal charges.

An investigative report featured in the New York Times said the department had effectively (and quietly) “shut down” a civil rights investigation into the police killing of Tamir Rice

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