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Police Say Murder Of Black Trans Woman Isn't A Hate Crime

Diamond Kyree Sanders is the latest trans woman violently killed. She was found alive with gunshot wounds in a parking lot on the morning of March 3 at approximately 4:00 AM. She was taken to a hospital, where she later succumbed o her wounds.

The Human Rights Campaign has deemed her the 11th non-conforming or transgender person to be murdered or die violently in 2021. In 2020, a record year for violence against trans and non-conforming people, the Campaign had only known of four deaths.

In an obituary for her memorial, Diamond's family wrote fondly of her. "Diamond was a ball of energy as a child and even up to her time of death. She valued her family and enjoyed spending time with them." "As a child, she would say 'I love my WHOLE family!'"

Police have not shared details of the investigation, but a Facebook post indicated that Sanders's "purse and cell phone" was taken in the commission of a robbery prior to her death.

Without an arrest or a suspect, Cincinnati police have determined that her murder was not a hate crime. "This was a crime of greed. This had nothing to do with the victim's lifestyle," Cincinnati Police Department spokesperson Eric Franz spoke insensitively. "There were a lot of rumors initially that it has to do with the person's lifestyle," His use of the word 'lifestyle' seemingly referring to her gender identity.

"But we pretty quickly found out what really happened," he claimed, saying, "we are confident this is a solvable crime."

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