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Minnesota AG Keith Ellison Seeks Severe Sentence For Chauvin

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison submitted paperwork, signed by Assistant Attorney General Matthew Frank, on April 30 requesting former police officer Derek Chauvin receive a severe sentence for the murder of George Floyd.

The legal brief filed in Minnesota’s Hennepin County District Court argued “the facts proven beyond a reasonable doubt at trial demonstrate that five aggravating factors support an upward sentencing departure.”

Eric Nelson, Chauvin’s defense attorney has filed his own argument, disagreeing with the prosecution’s recommended sentencing.

“Mr. Floyd was well over six feet tall, muscular, and weighed in excess of two hundred pounds.”

He continued, “officers were authorized to both handcuff Mr. Floyd and restrain him as part of their lawful duties. Mr. Chauvin did not place the handcuffs on Mr. Floyd. At the time Mr. Floyd was placed on the ground and restrained, he was not particularly vulnerable and there is no reason for Mr. Chauvin to have suspected that he was.” Read the story

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