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LisaRaye Suggests Halle Berry is Bad in Bed

LisaRaye and Halle Berry. During a recent episode of “Cocktails With Queens,” LisaRaye alleged that she heard widespread rumors that Halle Berry isn’t great in the bedroom.

The ladies of “Cocktails With Queens”(Claudia Jordan, Vivica A. Fox, Syleena Johnson and LisaRaye) have proved time and again that they will spill tea on anyone, including an Oscar winner. While on a recent episode of the show, LisaRaye hurled out a shocking accusation about Halle Berry’s status in the bedroom…or lack thereof. The women were discussing celebrity relationships and how some women can’t keep their men, while mentioning both Toni Braxton and Halle Berry.

However, LisaRaye took things a step further and called out Halle’s alleged weak bedroom skills. When Claudia noted that Toni had “some fine men back in the day,” LisaRaye came back with “But she done lost some too. So we don’t know what she be doin’ in the bedroom. It could be like Halle Berry.”

Claudia then asked LisaRaye, “What you mean LisaRaye about Halle Berry? She not supposed to be good in the bedroom?”

LisaRaye then elaborated and said, “That’s what they said… That’s what I read… And that’s what I heard…That’s what they say.”


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