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Lil Nas X Reveals He Has A Secret Son

No one's sure if Lil Nas X is trolling again. However, a recent post has revealed that he has become a father for a while now as he announced that he has a secret son, which he is no longer hiding from "this cruel world."

He dropped the surprise baby news on Wednesday, December 28, via Instagram. In his Story, he shared a photo of a baby boy, seemingly his son, posing with a plush toy almost his size.

In the next Story, Lil Nas clarified what his previous post was about as he wrote, "yes, I have a son and I'm no longer gonna hide him from this cruel world." He later followed it up with a supposed throwback photo of the boy when he was newly-born on September 27, 2021. One mystery is who the mother of Lil Nas X, Jr is.

The other mystery is if Lil Nas was telling the truth or if he was joking. Still, some social media users suspected that the "Rodeo" emcee is simply continuing the fake narrative he created while promoting his debut album "Montero" last year. At the time, he announced his fake pregnancy by sharing photos of his "baby bump."

Lil Nas X filmed a video depicting him giving birth to the album to celebrate its release on September 17. In the video, he was rushed into his hospital room, where he was helped by two nurses who instructed him to push. Eventually, he pushed out "Montero," which he cradled lovingly in his arms.

"Yea, you guys don't remember he was pregnant???? Duuuuh!" one person reacted to Lil Nas' baby announcement. Another commented, "I love him, he trolls y'all and you eat it every time!"

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