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Lil Nas X Apologizes Over Tweet Deemed ‘Transphobic’ By Fans

Lil Nas X apologizes to the trans community for a joke about transitioning

An ill-considered tweet led to a clash between the out rapper and critics.

Lil Nax X, an out rapper, has apologized after angering fans with a tweet many interpreted as a joke about transitioning that angered fans.

On Tuesday, the “Montero” singer tweeted a photo of a young woman who looked similar to him with the caption, "The surgery was a success.”

The now-deleted post quickly drew criticism for being insensitive toward the trans community.

“You’re a gay cis male,” one user responded, “why are you making transitioning a punchline of a joke?”

Initially, Lil Nas X denied that his tweet was about transitioning. “Im [sic] literally just saying she looks like me,” he replied, “y’all cannot be f**kin serious.”

Another user questioned why the Grammy winner would mention surgery. “Because she has t***ies?” he responded. “are u dense?”

Later in the day, Lil Nas X changed tack, apologizing for the initial tweet and his reaction to the criticism.

“Apologies to the trans community,” he wrote, “I def handled that situation with anger instead of considering why it was not cool. Much love to you guys. Sorry.”

But some Twitter users found his apology lacking. “Baby, this apology ain’t it!” one trans user tweeted. “You need to apologize too [sic] the trans community in material ways that include money, sharing your platform to raise a [sic]awareness, and just keep it! This is fake as hell!”

Lil Nas X’s response? “Girl eat my a**.”

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