Lil Kim Wants Teyana Taylor As Lead In Her Biopic

When it comes to producing a biopic, no one is as meticulous about the casting process these days as Lil Kim. This time around, she’s going public on who she’d like to represent her on the big screen.

Page Six reports that the legendary rapper is secretly working on a project that will allow people “to know the real Kim.” The only person working in show business who can do her life story justice is Teyana Taylor.

“It can only be a girl that’s from the hood that I’m from [to portray me],” Kim told Essence. “There’s nobody else in the industry at all but Teyana.”

However, her Harlem roots cause a problem for the “Hardcore” rapper, admitting that her ideal girl will carry the Brooklyn grit she’s looking for in her story. “I love Teyana, but she’s from Harlem. Before Teyana, I would love to get some lit