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Kerrion Franklin, Allegedly Arrested In Connection To Murder

Reality TV star Kerrion Franklin, son of gospel artist Kirk Franklin, was recently arrested after in California and is believed to be charged in connection with a murder. According to reports, 34-year-old "Bad Boys" actor Kerrion Franklin was arrested over the weekend and will face multiple charges.

Entertainment blogger Larry Reid recently shared that Kerrion Franklin contacted him after his arrest and claimed he had been "wrongly" detained by police. "[Kerrion Franklin] called me today and he said he was arrested and locked up in jail."

Reid continued and shared that as he considered what would help Franklin get out of prison, he learned that "Bad Boy" had serious charges and allegations against him. He continued and testified that during the first stop, Franklin "struggled with the police", leading to the allegation of "resisting arrest". On top of that, police are said to have found an illegal firearm inside the car Franklin was driving, and another charge.

However, according to Reid, Franklin said the police were "trying to impose two more charges on him just because" and that he never resisted arrest.

Franklin also hinted that the gun police found was inside the vehicle. Sources say the car in which Franklin was arrested actually belonged to a missing woman, believed to be his girlfriend. Allegations state the missing is also believed to have been been murdered. According to the report, Franklin was charged with three felony counts.

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