KeKe Palmer Purportedly Pregnant

Does Keke Palmer have a bun in the oven? Fans of the actress portraying Emerald Haywood in "Nope" are convinced that she's pregnant after they noticed a visible belly button and her cryptic Instagram post.

Internet sleuths spotted Keke's belly button sticking out after the 29-year-old actress posted a Halloween-themed TikTok video on Thursday, October 27. In the footage, she dons a striped red, white and black sweater that looks pretty baggy on the stomach area.

Keke's belly button appears to stick out when making some moves to avoid Ghostface. Generally, most pregnant women's belly buttons pop out because their uterus has significantly grown to make room for the baby.

In the comment section of Keke's TikTok post, many noticed Keke's appearance changes. "Just announce this pregnancy," one person wrote. Another quipped, "Save you and the baby Ke runnnnnnnnnn."

"Keke, let these ppl know you will announce your pregnancy when you are ready," someone else commented. A separate person said, "Yeah, the pregnancy is too obvious at this point."

Another TikTok user added, "I'm gonna say I think she is. I live in oversized sweaters, they give a chic cool girl look, but this sweater is for hiding a belly…." In the meantime, another suggested that Keke may be pregnant with "a boy baby," pointing out Keke's so-called pregnancy glow.

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