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Ice-T's 'No Masker' Father In Law's Bout With Covid19 Has Made Him A Believer

Covid 19 is very real, but unfortunately, some people still think this virus is a hoax, and Ice-T has revealed that his father-in-law was one of them, but now is a believer.

The Law & Order SVU star was very open about his wife Coco’s father, Steve Austin’s scary battle with COVID-19 that nearly took his life. As COVID-19 cases surge across the country at an alarming rate, Ice-T decided to use his father-in-law’s bout with the virus as a cautionary tale revealing that he was a “no-masker” who has now seen the light after nearly losing his life.

Sadly, Austin’s story isn’t rare and is too common thanks to the politicization of mask-wearing led by lame-duck president Donald Trump. The one simple and effective tool in the fight to stop the spread of COVID-19 has now become a symbol of dissidence, with Trump’s loyal followers opting not to wear a face-covering to “own the libs.”

Speaking with the Los Angeles Times, Ice-T said he decided to publicize his father-in-law’s ordeal with COVID-19 because, like Austin used to, there are still people who believe this virus is a hoax. The actor also noted that he knew several people who have lost lives after catching COVID-19, telling the publication, “I don’t need more proof than that to know I don’t want to play with it.”

In response to someone in his comments calling him scared, Ice-T revealed that he would more than likely be wearing a mask for the foreseeable future, even with the news of a vaccine on the horizon.

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