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Future Has ANOTHER Baby Mama Which Makes Number 11

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Rumors are that Future allegedly got yet another woman pregnant, which would turn out to be his 11th baby mama. But he didn’t want the baby, and offered $20k for abortion!

Rapper Future, 37, allegedly has up to nine or ten children so far. He hasn’t confirmed to be the father of all of them, but you remember the case with Eliza Reign, where he strongly denied being the father. He also doesn’t have the best relationship with all his baby mamas.

A few days ago, he had a very public feud with one of his baby mamas, Brittani. She took it online to claim that the rapper, feeling scorned, threatened to murder her. It was all because she threw her son, Prince Wilburn, 8, a birthday party and didn’t invite Future.

A woman came forward online, claiming that she is expecting Future’s 11th baby. According to her Future doesn’t want her to go through with the pregnancy. She leaked text messages between them showing that Future offered her $20,000 in cash to get an abortion.

The woman told blogs that when she told Future about her alleged pregnancy, she claims that he sent her a photo of cash, and offered it to her in exchange for getting an abortion. People online are blasting women for having unprotected sex with him, and they are right.

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