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Ex-Rapper Shyne Elected To Belize House Of Representatives

Ex-rapper, Shyne has begun his journey as a politician in his hometown of Belize. On November 11, the country people elected him to the Belize House of Representatives. Shyne will officially represent the Mesopotamia District in Belize City on behalf of the United Democratic Party.

The former rap star, whose real name is Moses Barrow, once served a 14-year jail term in the United States for being part of a shooting in Manhattan in 1999, which involved Sean Diddy Combs and his then-girlfriend, Jennifer Lopez. While still in prison, Shyne converted to Orthodox Judaism, and was released in October 2009 and deported to Belize. Afterward, he managed to launch a career in politics, serving as the country’s Ambassador Of Music.

From here, Shyne decided to follow in his father’s footsteps by running for office in his hometown. His father, Dean Barrow, became the first Black Prime Minister of Belize, and the ex-rapper believed he would also make it.

“This victory is for all those who are just like me in Mesopotamia, Belize, and the world over! All those who have taken a fall! All those who have stumbled on their life’s journey,” Shyne told his supporters. “We all fall! But to get up and walk, run and rise again is the purpose of life! We are all destined to be challenged but we are all capable of overcoming those challenges!”

While Shyne came out victorious in the race, his party didn’t do so well in the general election. The UDP’s candidate, Patrick Faber, lost to former Prime Minister, Johnny Briceno.

Even though his party lost, the former rapper vowed to represent all the people of Belize as the country fights so hard to rebuild its economy and combat the spread of the virus.

“To all those who voted for me, I promise to continue to deliver for you in every way over the next 5 years! To all those who didn’t vote for me, I promise to spend the next 5 years working tirelessly to earn your trust and support,” Shyne vowed.

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