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Dionne Warwick Announces A Collaboration With Chance The Rapper And The Weeknd

Dionne Warwick is set to release a duet with Chance the Rapper and The Weeknd.

The music legend - who was recently dubbed the Queen of Twitter - jokingly trolled the pair on the micro-blogging site and now she's announced the release of their song, "Nothing's Impossible", which will benefit the Hunger Not Impossible initiative.

The collaboration is written and produced by Dionne's son Damon Elliott.

"My mom and I had a moment to speak with Chance after she Tweeted him about the word 'the' in his name," Damon said in a statement. "They had such an amazing conversation that led to them discussing the Hunger Not Impossible initiative."

"The result of our conversation with Chance is this new single we'll be recording soon and we're all looking forward to this collaboration. We're trying to make this something that will permeate the entire Earth, so that there are no more hungry people everywhere or anywhere."



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