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Cookiee Kawaii Is A Vibe In The WERUradio Artist Spotlight spotlights recording artist and DJ extraordinaire Cookiee Kawaii became known outside New Jersey with the jittering, mattress-squeaking club track "Vibe," which went viral in 2019 and became even more popular the following year with TikTok users. Unrestricted by genre, the vocalist's stylistic range cuts across Jersey club, R&B, and rap.

The daughter of house DJs, Vanice Palmer was born into music and had been recording since the early 2010s. After she adopted her stage name, a display of her love for sweets and anime, she peeked above the underground of her native Irvington, New Jersey, in 2019, when her single "Vibe" went viral. Optimized for search and voice queries with "Vibe (If I Back It Up)" as its full title, the track took off early the following year with users of TikTok and accumulated millions of plays on streaming platforms. By then, Cookiee Kawaii had several additional tracks along with the Club Soda, Vol. 1 EP (featuring "Vibe, Pt. 2") and the Satori EP (a mellow, R&B-oriented collaboration with jtbs), available commercially. She issued "Vibe, Pt. 3," the spaciest version of her signature track, in 2020. Her latest single, Violin (remix) ft. Ron Suno & Dear Silas can be heard on

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