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Circuit party attendees “outed” for attending potential superspreader party in Mexico

A group of circuit queens who attended a banned dance party in Mexico are buzzing with anger after being “outed” on social media as dangerously selfish covidiots by the Instagram account @GaysOverCOVID. One of the angry party boys is reportedly a nurse who caught the virus at a different circuit party superspreader event at the beginning of the pandemic and raised tens of thousands of dollars for his recovery on GoFundMe.

Organizing under the hashtag #GaysOverKarens, the men offered a $500 “incentive” to expose the account’s owner with the ominous warning, “Let it be known we are coming for them.”

“For so long they have been hiding behind the screen, trying to out fellow gays, making our community as divisive as ever,” party protector Lan Vu screeched on Facebook. “Seeing how they like to put everybody under pressure, let’s see how they feel like now that the target is on them.”

The Instagram account has been taken down after the men repeatedly flagged it as abusive for posting screenshots from photos and videos posted to social media by attendees. The screenshots included the names and social media accounts of the men pictured and predated the party in Puerto Vallarta. The posts also noted if the person is a medical professional.

Multiple new accounts quickly sprang up to replace the old one as other users vowed to continue the campaign to shame the men willing to gamble other people’s lives so they can do drugs and have sex to the beat of dance music. The original account was restored after a few hours.

Other massive gatherings like the one organized in Mexico, despite pandemic prevention measures that banned the event, have spread the virus in waves across the country. Weddings, parties, and church services have been cited as superspreader events recently as hospitals nationwide start to buckle under the sheer number of patients seeking medical care.

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