“Central Park Karen” Won't Face Criminal Charges

Amy Cooper, the woman known as the “Central Park Karen,” has had all charges against her dismissed that stem from the May 2020 incident that sparked widespread outrage.

She was caught on video throwing a tirade after being asked by a gay Black man that was birdwatching to leash her dog in the Rambles area of Manhattan’s Central Park.

The man, Christian Cooper — no relation to Amy — recorded as she then threatened to call the police. “I’m going to tell them there’s an African American man threatening my life,” she said — and that’s exactly what she did, despite video evidence clearly showing the contrary.

It was also recently learned that Amy Cooper called the police not once, but twice after encountering Christian.

Amy Cooper lost her job after the video went viral, and she gave up her dog after she faced criticism for how she held him by his collar. She quickly became a symbol of how white people use the police to oppress Black people, and the state of New York passed legislation in her “honor” that would allow people to sue if someone falsely calls the authorities because of their race, gender, nationality, or other protected classes.

The video went viral and became the talk of the country right as the widespread Black Lives Matter protests and conversations about race took place.