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Boosie Slams Charlamagne Tha God For "Defending" LGBTQ

A day earlier, LGBTQ+ advocate and TV personality Ts Madison visited "The Breakfast Club" and talked about Boosie's recent homophobic and transphobic rants towards Lil Nas X. "My thing is when he [Boosie] said [Lil Nas X] is a detriment to kids and we need to worry about the kids, but I'm like, but you the same man had an overgrown a** woman perform a fellatio on your young son and you didn't see anything wrong with that," she said.

"Make it make sense to me. I was so confused about the situation like who kids really need to be protected," so said "The Ts Madison Experience" star. During the interview, Charlamagne expressed that no rapper who has rapped about violence or drugs and their use "is allowed to stand on a moral high ground." Read The Story


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