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Boosie's Daughter Made It Instagram Official With Her Girlfriend

Boosie Badazz, who has been slammed for his homophobic comments, actually has a daughter whose a member of the LGBTQIA+ community. His 20-year-old daughter, Iviona Hatch, made it Instagram official with her girlfriend and became a trending topic.

Hatch, who goes by Poison Ivi, was seen in a pic posted by her lady with the caption, "Endlessly in love with you." During an Instagram Live in 2021, Hatch sometimes dates girls.

Now the internet is wondering how Boosie feels about this. Due to his past comments about Lil' Nas X, Zaya Wade, and the LGBTQIA community, it's assumed that Boosie is pissed.

"The irony that Boosie's daughter came out the closet after all that rhetoric he was spewing against DWade's child is mind-blowing," one person tweeted.

Hatch, 21, seems to have a good relationship with her dad. On her 20th birthday in December 2021, the two were spotted celebrating the special day together on Instagram.

Photo of Iviona Hatch and girlfriend on IG
Boosie's daughter, Iviona Hatch made it IG official with her current girlfriend

"Why do you guys keep saying 'How come Boosie says all this stuff about Lil Nas X, but his daughter is gay / a stud[?]' he said on breakfast club he wouldn't attend or support his daughter's marriage to a girl. He's homophobic both ways."

They shared this along with a clip of Boosie explaining that he won't support his daughter if she married a woman.

"I'll love them to death, but I won't support marriage," he said on The Breakfast Club. "I'm not giving my child away to another woman."

Boosie said despite the social media controversy around his comments, he still stands behind them. The Baton Rouge rapper feels like he is the voice of those who are scared to say their opinion.

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