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Bobby Shmurda Suffers Severe Penis Injury

Bobby Shmurda has been outspoken about his personal trauma. The "Hot N***a" rapper has revealed he was forced to stop having sex for six months after his penis was injured by a woman with tongue ring


On his Twitter account on Sunday, April 25, the "Bobby B***h" satirist wrote, "I had the worst day of my life," along with an emoji. facepalm contact. He then added, "Not having sex for 6 months,," along with a bunch of crying face emojis. While it's not entirely clear what happened leading up to Bobby's announcement, he tweeted six hours later, "I don't talk to girls with [tongue and ring emoji] anymore." In the post, the 27-year-old hip-hop artist, whose real name is Ackquille Jean Pollard, calls it "the new rule".

Later, a Twitter user claimed that Bobby "found out he had AIDS", but the singer was quick to respond and warn the person not to joke about AIDS. “I don't have AIDS, homie” he replied. "God bless the people that do though. I don't think that's a subject to be joking on. they're people really are out here losing their lives."

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