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Are Rumors Of A 'Why Did I Get Married' Part 3 True

Tyler Perry has slammed a report saying that he "calls out" Janet Jackson and Jill Scott for allegedly holding up production on another "Why Did I Get Married?" sequel. The filmmaker has blasted a publication that twisted his comments on the possibility of a third "Why Did I Get Married?" movie for a "clickbait" headline.

In an interview with ET at Byron Allen's inaugural TheGrio Awards on Saturday, October 22, Tyler was asked what it would take for another installment of "Why Did I Get Married?" to happen. "If Janet [Jackson] and Jill Scott say 'yes,' there may be a 'Why Did I Get Married Again?' " the "Madea" star/director said of the possibility of a third film in the series. He added, "So, waiting for them to say it. Waiting for the word."

Atlanta Black Star later picked up the story with a headline that read, "Tyler Perry Calls Out Janet Jackson and Jill Scott for Holding Up the Next Installment of 'Why Did I Get Married,' Scott Responds."

The news, originally published on Sunday, October 23, caught Tyler's attention, and he decided to stop the misleading report. Taking to his Instagram Story on Thursday, he denied calling out his co-stars, writing, "I guess people write these kinds of headlines for clickbait. It's sad. I didn't call out Janet and Jill, and they're not holding up another Why Did I Get Married."

Tyler said he hasn't even written a script for the potential threequel, though he has an idea for a storyline. "I haven't written a word on a script, but I do have an idea and concept of where our lives and love would be after fifteen years since the first one," he explained.

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