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1 Million Moms Are Triggered By 'Blues Clues' Pride Moment

One Million Moms, the evangelical astroturf group funded by the American Family Association, a certified anti-LGBTQ hate group, appears to have taken a break from being outraged by an “extremely offensive” commercial on electric cars and dolls with fictional family members.

Now, they’re focused on those evil, sinful, “pride-laced” English language letters.

The hit children’s series Blues Clues & You! had a special message in a recent video.

The Nickelodeon show – which is a reboot of the hit 1996 show Blues Clues – posted a video to YouTube with a song about the alphabet. And the song said that “P” stands for “Pride.”

The letters float across the screen several times before the song gets to the letter P, but the P is in rainbow flag colors and trans flag colors – along with the brown and black stripes for the rainbow flag – because their P has just that much Pride.

One Million Moms director Monica Cole caught wind – more than two weeks after its airing and suddenly launched a petition deriding Nickelodeon, a children’s television network under the CBSViacom conglomerate, for “forcing” the “LGBTQ agenda… on families and children.”

“It is apparent that this network continues to indoctrinate children by exposing them to the LGBTQ lifestyle and presenting it as normal,” Cole wrote.

“With such a liberal push in children’s educational entertainment, it is obvious where Nickelodeon stands. This pride-laced ABC song makes it clear that Nickelodeon has an LGBTQ agenda that it is forcing on really young audiences.”

The front for the hate group not only asks supporters to signal that they “don’t agree with the LGBTQ agenda” and to not “support [Nickelodeon] as long as the network veers away from family-friendly entertainment,” but to push their friends to “do the same.”

Cole is the sole employee behind One Million Moms, which is really an arm for the American Family Association (AFA), a hate group designated by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) for years. The group’s “petitions” are really just a generic contact form that signs you up for their emails.

AFA claims to have 10,000 “signatures” on their “petition.” That’s way less than the 17,000 people she claimed to have directing anger at American Girl, a Mattel-owned brand.

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