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Airlines Make Extraordinary Changes For LGBTQIA+ Inclusion

Job applications have skyrocketed after Virgin Atlantic revised its former gendered uniform policy; women can wear pants, and men can wear skirts.

The company has reported that the number of applications filed with the airline has doubled since implementing the new, more inclusive policy. While other airlines struggle to fill staff vacancies, Virgin has no issues recruiting the best potential employees.

Pronoun badges will also be available to customers, who can ask for one at any check-in desk. Customers with gender-neutral markers on their passports will also now be able to select gender-neutral markers for their ticket bookings.

Virgin’s chief executive officer Shai Weiss says, “We saw a 100% uplift in applicants following the campaign, ‘See the world differently,”

British Airways will allow male pilots and crewmembers to wear makeup and earrings.

The new policy takes place on November 14th, 2023. The policy says any staff member can wear earrings, false eyelashes, and mascara and utilize handbags and other accessories. It also allows “man buns.” The policy encourages staff to produce a “natural look” and uses “subtle shades” when it comes to makeup. The team is also allowed to wear nail polish, as long as it is not black or neon.

A statement from British Airways said, “We are proud of all of our colleagues at British Airways, and we are committed to an inclusive working environment.”

British Airways would not comment on whether the makeup policy would freely apply to staff working in Qatar, as Qatar Airways – which has a much stricter dress code – is the largest shareholder in British Airways and runs a joint route with the airline.

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