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Where Damon’s Character Went in the Final Season

In the fifth episode of ‘Pose’ season 3, titled ‘Something Borrowed, Something Blue.’ The next episode will pivot to Angel and Papi as their wedding plans suddenly face resistance. The appearance of an old friend is set to complicate things for the pair. Elsewhere, Elektra will recruit shady new associates who will help her expand the business. As the show slowly rounds up into its last stages, we will see the narratives unfold and converge into what is hopefully a well-deserved ending for each of the characters. Here is the promo for the upcoming episode!

Season 3 of “Pose” is streaming now on FX, and fans may notice a familiar face is somewhat absent — Damon, played by Ryan Jamaal Swain, isn’t around much in the final season. Damon is featured in the first couple episodes of the season, at a watch party for the the O.J. Simpson car chase and giving Pray Tell a book on alcoholism, revealing that he’d previously spent time in Alcoholics Anonymous. But by the end of the second episode, Damon is pretty much a ghost, leaving fans to speculate where he disappeared to. read story

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