Trey Songz Arrested And Charged For Altercation With Cop

Trey Songz definitely got the nerves to fight a police officer in public. The rapper has landed in trouble with the law after he was caught on camera getting involved in a violent altercation with a cop during a football game between the Kansas City Chief with the Buffalo Bills at Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday, January 24.

In footage of the incident obtained by TMZ, the "Can't Help but Wait" spitter was seen having a scuffle with the police officer. The 36-year-old star threw a punch on the cop's head and got him in a headlock. The cop, however, fought back and managed to pin Trey to a seat.

According to an eyewitness at the stadium, the cop was the aggressor. It reportedly started when Trey was being heckled by some audience who sat a few rows behind him. The Petersburg native asked them to chill out, but the officer approached Trey and went after him without warning.

The source said Trey appeared to get caught off guard and tried to defend himself. In the video, fans were heard yelling at and asking the officer to get off Trey until more officers arrived. They demanded that the said officer be arrested.

The other officers eventually separated Trey and the first cop and they put the "Heart Attack" hitmaker in handcuffs. He was later booked for trespassing and resisting arrest, which are both misdemeanors. He's also facing a low grade felony charge for assaulting a police officer.