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SNL performs Dionne Warwick sketch after singer’s tweets go viral

On Dionne Warwick’s 80th birthday, Saturday Night Live delivered a “Dionne Warwick Talk Show” sketch, which paid homage to the legendary singer and the way she has been killing it on social media lately.

Although she’s fairly new to social media, the Grammy-winning artist has been using Twitter flawlessly, asking celebrities questions inquiring minds have wanted to know. Showing a humorous side that many did not know she possessed, Warwick has quickly become one of Twitter’s fastest rising stars.

Ego Nwodim portrayed Warwick in the sketch where she interviewed Harry Styles, Billie Eilish, Machine Gun Kelly and others. In addition to showcasing some of her viral tweets, the segment also included Warwick’s recent feud with talk show host, Wendy Williams, which stemmed from unfavorable comments Williams made about Warwick’s social media behavior.

Dionne Warwick Posted her Thoughts about the skit

Poking fun at longtime SNL cast member, Warwick mentioned Kenan Thompson in a tweet last night. “Kenan Thompson has been on SNL for as long as I’ve been alive. A very talented and funny young man.”

In another post directed at Nwodim, Warwick said, “You did a wonderful job, baby. You are a star.”

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