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LGBTQ artists like Lil Nas XKevin AbstractiLoveMakonnenYoung M.A, and many more have been able to find mainstream success. There's still a long way to go, but the significant potential to redefine the genre is taking shape.   


When it comes to his presence as a rapper in the industry, rising hip-hop star Saucy Santana is, in his own words, "doing s--t the girls couldn't do before me."


Embracing a fierce style, unapologetic attitude, and self-aware mindset has helped Santana to break through doors and establish his online presence as a rapper to watch.


Saucy Santana's first two projects, "Imma Celebrity" and "Pretty Little meGangsta" spun out singles like "Material Girl," "Walk 'Em Like A Dog," and "Back It Up," baring proof positive that Saucy is not just a gimmick but has bars for that ass.


His latest release, "It's A Vibe," follows and builds on the previous recordings. This time the lead single "Walk" exploded on social media with the "Walk" challenges, proving that Saucy Santana has what it takes to grab Hip Hop by the balls and change the entire pitch of the genre.

Periodt, Poo!



Saucy Santana - Back it Up Feat. LightSkinKeisha


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